Could Evil Dead director Fede Alvarez be helming Doctor Strange for Marvel?

Fede Alvarez certainly came through on his promises to deliver a quality EVIL DEAD and with that film opening number one at the box office, his name is now shooting to the top of lists for upcoming studio projects. With his producer Sam Raimi already a figure in Marvel films, is there a superhero project in the wings for the Uruguayan filmmaker?

Possibly, according to Latino Review. They are hearing that Alvarez and screenwriter Rodo Sayagues have had meetings with Marvel about developing a superhero film. The meeting appears to be real, but the rumors are pure speculation. The duo are likely, much like how Edgar Wright did with ANT-MAN, pitching a slew of ideas on what characters they would be interested in bringing to the big screen. They could be prepping for a new feature in Marvel's Phase Three or they could be looking much further down the road than that. Alvarez has already voiced that he will be working on a sequel to EVIL DEAD, but the lure of a Marvel gig could outweigh a small budget horror film and force Raimi, Rob Tapert, and Bruce Campbell to find a replacement.

So, what project does Latino Review think Alvarez may be headed for? DOCTOR STRANGE. The only other announced Phase Three film aside from ANT-MAN, DOCTOR STRANGE would be one of the more out-there concepts aside from GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. And, as EVIL DEAD has shown, Alvarez is not scared of using special effects. The idea of a superhero movie using practical effects would be interesting, but DOCTOR STRANGE would rely on a lot of CGI.

Consider this total rumor at this point, but it would be interesting to see how this develops.

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Source: Latino Review



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