Cowboys and Aliens trailer beams down from above

Big week for trailers so far with GREEN LANTERN dropping yesterday (I don't care what you say, that CGI suit looks awful), the awesome trailer for YOUR HIGHNESS appearing shortly after and now Jon Favreau's next non-IRON MAN project, COWBOYS & ALIENS with its debut spot today.

Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford and Olivia Wilde star as citizens of the Old West who encounters some "sky demons" beyond their comprehension. Lots of battling ensues, and fortunately Craig finds himself strapped with the only weapon that can take out the invaders.

It looks pretty cool I have to say, and my biggest complaint is that Daniel Craig's cowboy hat is weird. Check it out below or see it in HD at Yahoo!

Bonus: A bunch of new stills have hit from the film too. Check a few out below and click through for the rest.

Extra Tidbit: Is this or the "Cowboys vs. Ninjas" movie THE WARRIOR'S WAY the cooler ridiculous concept. Or "Vikings vs. Aliens" in OUTLANDER?
Source: Yahoo!



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