Cox as a dwarf?

Super Cop Cox

Everybody's been so busy thinking who would be a great fit for Bilbo in Guillermo Del Toro's upcoming THE HOBBIT, seems we've all forgotten to suggest him who would be great as a dwarf. Thankfully the director himself has at least one good idea in mind for that.

According to Ain't it Cool News, casting procedures have begun for the movie's dwarfs, and the one name apparently on top of the list is the charismatic Brian Cox. The report can't confirm if it's wishful thinking or actually a lock, but either way they should do it soon - a bunch of incompetent cops are about to come for him.

The folks from Movie Cultists had the chance to chat it up with a few of the Broken Lizard guys where they said to be finishing up a third draft for SUPER TROOPERS 2, that financing has come through so production might be gearing up soon, and they heard from Brian Cox himself he had every intention of getting back in uniform. Providing it still fits...

So which sounds the coolest: Cox as a short-tempered axe wielder or as a fighting-Irish state trooper?

Extra Tidbit: Not that I had forgotten, but TRICK R TREAT reminded me how awesome an actor Cox can be.
Source: Movie CultistsAICN



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