Cox on Scream 4

Where are Gale Weathers and Deputy Dewey boy?

"There are really only a few of us that survived," said Courteney Cox-Arquette on the lack of remaining original cast members.

She also gave her prediction of what the couple might be up to, "They're probably back living in Woodsboro. I think that he's probably still deputy, and I've had a lot of kids. I don't know. I'm probably miserable, and then I'm sure a lot of murdering will happen."

For some reason I'm doubting they end up having kids. It will most likely be a case of the marriage hasn't worked out so well. She's still a workaholic and Dewey doesn't understand her. So they really haven't had time to have kids. As for what Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) might be up to, last she was living in the middle of nowhere enjoying peace of mind with Detective Mark Kinkaid (Patrick Dempsey). It's very doubtful that Dempsey will reprise his role, or that she will have a boyfriend.

A lot of you may not be into this series, but I for one am very happy to see its return. I'm pretty sure I watched it at least 5 or more times last month. The second and third one may not have done quite as well, however, I'd still much rather watch them than any of the SAW movies.

Extra Tidbit: Whatever happened to Skeet Ulrich being in films? I know he was on the show JERICHO, but I didn't watch that.
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