Craven casts next

Wes Craven has cast a handful of actors for his next horror film 25/8 including Henry Lee Hopper, Shareeka Epps, Denzel Whitaker and Emily Meade. The film follows "The Riverdale Seven," a group of seven teens who have the vengeful eye of the ghost of a serial killer who was killed on the day they were born. Hopper is the son of actor Dennis Hopper, who will make his acting debut in the film. Craven met Hopper at a party at Julian Schnabel's house where they discussed the expressionist art Hopper worked on at his home studio. (Somewhere a third year acting student is banging his head against a wall in frustration.) Despite his familiar sounding name, Denzel Whitaker is not related to Denzel Washington or Forest Whitaker. Filming begins next week in Connecticut and considering only three of the actors above are members of the "Riverdale Seven," expect more casting announcements in the coming days.

Extra Tidbit: People looking to be extras during the filming of 25/8 in Connecticut can e-mail here: [email protected]
Source: Variety



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