Jason takes a creative hatchet to Friday The 13th reboot

It's back to the drawing board for the FRIDAY THE 13TH reboot, with Jason Voorhies taking a hatchet to the film's creative set-up in order for Paramount and Platinum Dunes to start over.

Following yet another release date shift, with the film being pushed back to a Friday the 13th release date in 2017 - January 13, to be precise - PRISONERS writer Aaron Guzikowski is finalizing a deal to pen a new script, embarking on a new vision for the future of the masked horror icon and effectively sinking whatever it was being developed previously as everyone attempts to get their shit together on this franchise. There had been rumors of a found footage approach being taken to a Jason reboot, and there was word that Nick Antosca's script would have gone back to an 80s Camp Crystal Lake. Now it appears everyone thinks modernizing Jason in present-day is the way to go, and that's what Guzikowski is bring brought on to make happen.

That means goodbyes are being said to director David Bruckner with The Wrap reporting he is no longer attached to whatever this FRIDAY THE 13TH will eventually become. Per Jeff Sneider, the producers didn't believe it was fair to ask Bruckner to hang around while something different is developed. That doesn't mean they won't come back to him when they have something further down the line and reassess his interest, but for now, he's out and onto other things.

What would you like out of the next FRIDAY THE 13TH? What's the next step for Jason as far as you're concerned?



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