Creepy Halloween vibes loom over main Stranger Things poster

STRANGER THINGS is one of the few shows that is able to generate the kind of excitement over a new season that is normally reserved for STAR WARS and big superhero movies, but in the year since the first season aired the world has gone crazy for the show. In one week the internet will crash when the second season arrives, and in one last major piece of marketing, the main poster for the series has dropped, teasing some new characters, big monsters and more weird mind powers from Eleven.

The main poster comes after a series of posters have spoofed other classic horror movies of the era, like ALIEN, A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET and FIRESTARTER. Like the main poster for season one, the poster features the entire cast and is done as an homage to classic movie posters of the time from artists like Drew Struzan and John Alvin. Take a look!

The story picks up one year after the conclusion of the first season, wherein the young Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) is living a normal life again after being brought back to the real world after being trapped in the Upside Down. Not everything is hunky-dory though, as Will continues to have visions of the horrors from the other dimension, creating a whole new mess of trouble for Will’s friends, family and the young, super-powered Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown).

The people over at Netflix have been nailing the promotion of the show, capitalizing on the nostalgia for anything 80s, while drawing on the many movies that inspired The Duffer Bros. to create the show. As I said, very few shows have this kind of fandom and anticipation attached, and as we near the launch date for the new season Netflix better be ready for epic levels of traffic. Otherwise, their world could be turned – ahem – upside down. Thank you! 

STRANGER THINGS season two arrives October 27.

Source: Netflix



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