Crossbones will continue taking a dirt nap for the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Back when he was promoting his work for CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR, actor Frank Grillo teased that his Crossbones character may have survived his altercation with Wanda Maximoff, and may one day come back to cause more trouble for Steve Rogers and his friends. Welp, it appears that after a recent interview with Collider, Grillo has confessed that Crossbones will no longer play a part in the many tangled narratives of the MCU. Aww, dry your tears, friend. Perhaps it would be better if you heard the news from Grillo himself:

If DeMonaco was still involved and they came up with a great idea, then I think I would do [another Purge movie]. Otherwise, I think I’m done. Same thing with Captain America,” Grillos stated. “There’s nowhere for it to go, unless you’re Captain America or Iron Man. They were talking about it, but I was like, ‘You know what? I’d just rather not do it.’ I’m so appreciative and grateful to have been a part of something that big. I’m appreciative of The Purge. It’s become a part of the lexicon and the zeitgeist knows what it is, so that’s been fun. But, it’s time to move on. Don’t stay at the party too long, or you get knocked through the ropes.

If you ask me, Crossbones returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe after being magically crumpled up like a discarded sheet of greasy tin foil would be a real stretch. I’m well aware that we’re dealing with a comic book-related universe in these films, but seriously, that dude was super dead. Additionally, I know that the writers could easily work around the ordeal, but I feel as if bringing him back would cheapen the traumatic effect his death had on The Scarlet Witch. For me, there has to be some manner of consequence to the character deaths we experience in these films. Otherwise, death in comic book movies will be reduced to the tiresome revolving door that you find in most of the comic book continuity of today.

What do you all think? Would you have liked to see Crossbones come back to life as the result of some bizarre comic book loophole, or will his being gone for good not cause you lose any sleep at night? Let us know in the comments section below!

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