Crowe in the Hood

Russell Crowe is looking rather manly and happy on the set of ROBIN HOOD.

Is anyone out there even remotely interested in this anymore? You've got Ridley Scott directing with Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett starring. What's not to like?

Honestly, people seem more concerned if Crowe is going to be thin enough to play the part rather than if the movie is going to be good. Maybe it's the fact that the film is supposedly a realistic take on the whole ROBIN myth. It also got a massive re-write during production with the help of Tom Stoppard. Stoppard is a brilliant writer, but why would you want to do a re-imagining of this story?

The best ROBIN HOOD I've ever seen was animated and done by Disney in 1973. I don't think that PRINCE OF THIEVES was terrible, but nothing about it felt right. No, I'm not just talking about the Bryan Adams video. There's no way people are broken up that Sienna Miller was tossed from the movie, so what is it? Are Kevin Durand, Mark Strong, and William Hurt not enough? There's gotta be some around here excited for this.

Extra Tidbit: I hated Durand's character, Martin Keamy on LOST. What a prick.
Source: Collider



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