Crowe the comedian?

Bill Hicks is apparently a very influential cult comedian. I say apparently because I don't know much about the guy and what I've heard of his act hasn't really struck me as all that funny. Friends though have told me that Denis Leary pretty much ripped off his whole act so I suppose that's influential. Comedian biopics are notoriously hard to pull off (MAN ON THE MOON was OK but didn't exactly light up the box-office) but that's not stopping Russell Crowe from trying to get a film on Hicks' life off the ground. Crowe told the Sydney Morning Herald, "I have another project based on the life of comedian Bill Hicks," with the paper adding that Crowe is considering playing the role himself. Right now it's just adapting from a treatment to a draft so it's still some ways off but it would be interesting to see Crowe try his hand at comedy (at least for the part of the film before Hicks got sick with cancer and dies at the age of 32). Crowe doesn't have any upcoming projects set to film in the near future with NOTTINGHAM delayed until March of next year. He still has BODY OF LIES and STATE OF PLAY set for release.

Extra Tidbit: Hicks once told an audience, "Hitler had the right idea, he was just an underachiever." That's funny?



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