Cruz gets erotic?

Recent Oscar nominee Penelope Cruz and Oscar winner Sir Ben Kingsley are attached to star in ELEGY, based on the Philip Roth's novel "The Dying Animal." The film would star Kingsley as an older professor who takes up a sexually charged affair with one of his graduate students (Cruz). He's too focused on the lust to ever take up a serious relationship with her and she leaves him. She returns years later, striken with an illness and asks for a favor. The plot itself sounds rather tired and boring but the book was extremely graphic in its sexuality and I wonder how much of that will make the film. There are scenes of graphic oral sex and even (gag) the consumption of menstrual blood. OK I'm officially turned off. I have an inny now. Isabel Coixet (THE SECRET LIFE OF WORDS) will direct the film this April in Vancouver.

Extra Tidbit: Roth's last work to be transformed into a movie was the awful HUMAN STAIN with Anthony Hopkins and Nicole Kidman.



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