Cube gets Janky

Ice Cube has signed with Dimension to star in JANKY PROMOTERS, a script he also wrote, his first writing credit since FRIDAY AFTER NEXT. Being a corny, white dude from the suburbs, I had no idea what "janky" meant though I had sinking feeling it wasn't positive. UrbanDictionary.com tells me it means something that is "held in low social regard" to put it nicely. Cube will star as one of a pair of music promoters who somehow get a chance to book an A-list hip-hop star. Considering how "janky" they are, you can expect that things don't go very smoothly. Sadly the movie has nothing to do with classic Clinton Portis character "Coach Janky Spanky". Dimension is currently searching for a director and a rapper willing to play himself in the film. Dimension head Bob Weinstein says he thinks of Cube as the new Tyler Perry and it will be their second straight film after the football drama THE LONG SHOTS. JANKY is on the fast-track with hopes that they can get filming going early this summer.

Extra Tidbit: Cube is still developing WELCOME BACK, KOTTER for Dimension.
Source: Variety



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