Cusack: 10 good movies

I wonder if it has anything to do with not getting the Night Owl role (that he seemed to kinda want) in WATCHMEN that made John Cusack come out and say that he only gets offered 'wise-cracking slacker' roles. I doubt it, but I that's how I think because I jump to stupid conclusions (not on a mat) and I just wanted to share my thought process with you.

Anyway, speaking to The Guardian, Cusack confessed that he thinks he's only made 10 good movies. And apparently 40 that suck, because the man's made well over 50 films in his long career. "I'm sure you know which ones they are. The ones that suck I tend to blank out. It's like I never even made them, he said. Well, I don't want to try and guess at which those are, I'll leave that to you schmoes. All I'll say is that I loved EIGHT MEN OUT, HIGH FIDELITY, SAY ANYTHING, THE GRIFTERS, THE THIN RED LINE and like everyone else, GROSSE POINT BLANK. Actually I even kinda have a soft spot for SERENDIPITY (they reached for the same glove!). I don't know if the guy's right, but I don't care. So long as he keeps making movies like the upcoming WAR INC, I'll be happy. Click HERE for the full interview.
Extra Tidbit: Acting allowed Cusack to meet and subsequently date Claire Forlani. So no matter what happens, his career is already a success in my book.
Source: The Guardian



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