Cusack/Zeta trailers

No Reservations Moviefone has once again appeased the trailer gods as they've recently premiered trailers for two relatively high profile films. The first, a still of which is to your right, is for the romantic comedy NO RESERVATIONS in wihch Catherine Zeta-Jones stars as a top Manhattan chef whose life becomes a series of hijinks and ultimately character-revealing kitchen-based shenanigans when she becomes the legal guardian of her nine year-old niece. Get the trailer in all its culinary delight over HERE. The film opens July 27th.

The second film is a similarly-themed flick in which a child invades the life of a wholly unprepared individual and awakens in him parental instincts he never knew he had. Only in the John Cusack-starring THE MARTIAN CHILD, the invasion is slightly more literal. Cusack plays a man who adopts a boy claiming to be from Mars and when strange things start happening around the little tyke, he realizes the little bastard isn't just a creepy weirdo but may be telling the truth after all. Check out the trailer HERE. The film opens June 29th.

Extra Tidbit: NO RESERVATIONS was previously titled MOSTLY MARTHA.
Source: Moviefone



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