CW releases DC's Crisis on Earth-X trailer!

Crossovers are hard to pull off at the best of times. Even Marvel has a habit of clumsily shoehorning cameos and references (see: IRON MAN 2 and AGE OF ULTRON), so it takes a lot of dedication and skill to get it right. Hopefully CW is up to the task with its ambitious CRISIS ON EARTH-X event, which will begin on ARROW, then continue on to SUPERGIRL, THE FLASH, and conclude on LEGENDS OF TOMORROW (rather than one long 4-hour episode...though I imagine they'll sell it as one at some point).

Anyway, here's the official synopsis:

Barry Allen and Iris West's friends come to Central City for their wedding, only for the event to be disrupted by Nazi invaders from the parallel world Earth-X, including fascist doppelgängers of Barry's allies Oliver Queen and Kara Danvers, who come to Earth-1 with a deadly agenda. In addition, the superheroes from Earth-X, including Citizen Cold (a doppelgänger of Leonard Snart) and The Ray, also arrive to help Barry and his friends to stop them.

I'm not going to lie, I've never really seen the CW DC shows, but from what I hear they're fun. And this sounds fun as well, full of colorful Silver Age goofiness. If only the films could've followed suit. Oh well.

Meanwhile, CRISIS ON EARTH-X will fly onto the CW November 27th.

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