CW's Archie teen crime drama Riverdale releases TV spot with new footage

With the release of CW's bizarre ARCHIE/TWIN PEAKS mash-up RIVERDALE fast approaching, the marketing machine has been turned up to full blast. So here's yet another TV spot showcasing how "dark" and "sexy" Archie is (though if you had to describe two things Archie is not, it would be those two things).

Anyway, let's take a look:

More of the same, though we do get some new footage, which is cool. I'm still fascinated by this show, as it seems well-produced and well-cast, even though it's a mystery why they'd base it on Archie when the show seems to be the antithesis of everything Archie is about. It'd be like making a Batman movie where he kills random people all the time. Though maybe this time, it'll work out and not be one of the worst things ever. We can only hope.

Either way, RIVERDALE will premiere on the CW January 26th, 2017 at 9pm EST.

Extra Tidbit: Archie. Fought. Punisher. 'Nuff said.
Source: YouTube



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