CW's The Flash visits Gorilla City in new promo

It's been impressive what CW has been able to do with its new DC universe. While I've never seen the shows themselves (so I can't comment on their quality), I can say that I think it's cool that they're going really Silver Age with a lot of their stuff, especially in THE FLASH series. I mean, he's already fought Gorilla Grodd (a super-smart telepathic ape) once, now he's going to a city full of apes. That's pretty awesome, no matter how silly.

Anyway, here's a promo for the episode:

Again, as someone who hasn't watched the show I don't think it's fair for me to say how I feel about this, one way or another. I will say however that, while obviously created on TV-budget, CG Gorilla Grodd doesn't look half bad.

Anyway, THE FLASH's "Attack on Gorilla City" will be a two-episode event, premiering tonight at 8/7 CT.

Extra Tidbit: Gorilla Grodd was voiced by Powers Boothe in the JUSTICE LEAGUE animated series.
Source: YouTube



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