Damon gets Adjusted

We've seen Matt Damon try a lot of things over the years including golf movies, chopping guys in the adam's apple with books and even playing a character called Edgar Pudwhacker. But one thing he's never done is star in a live-action sci-fi flick. That could all change with THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU. Damon is attached to the sci-fi/action flick that is based on the short story "Adjustment Team" by Philip K. Dick (MINORITY REPORT). In the film, Damon would star as a man who slowly begins to realize that our reality is in fact fabricated on a giant soundstage and watched over by mysterious guardians. Think THE TRUMAN SHOW meets DARK CITY. The project was scripted by George Nolfi who worked with Damon on THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM. Agents for Nolfi and Damon are currently shopping the project around to a number of studios. The pair are also working with Paul Greengrass on a fourth BOURNE movie that will not be based on any of Robert Ludlum's many novels. Damon can be seen later this year in both THE INFORMANT and GREEN ZONE and is expected to begin filming on Clint Eastwood's THE HUMAN FACTOR this spring.

Extra Tidbit: Nolfi dropped out of the doctoral program at UCLA to pursue a career as a screenwriter.
Source: Variety



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