Damon Lindelof in talks to develop Watchmen series for HBO

Damon Lindelof HBO Watchmen TV

Close to two years ago it was rumoured that there had been a conversation about adapting Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' "Watchmen" as an HBO television series, and now, it seems that Damon Lindelof may be the man to bring it to us. The potential project is still in the very early stages and no deals have been signed just yet, but Lindelof is currently in talks to develop the series for HBO. How about that.

There are plenty of people who have jumped aboard the Damon Lindelof bash-wagon over the years, either due to the finale of Lost or his rewrite of PROMETHEUS, but I'd like to imagine that his stellar work on HBO's The Leftovers has won a few people back. Damon Lindelof has long been a fan of "Watchmen," in fact, Lindelof has previously said that its use of flashbacks and non-liner storytelling inspired him to use similar techniques on Lost. Zack Snyder, who directed the live-action WATCHMEN film, was involved in those conversations with HBO back in 2015 but is no longer attached to the potential series.

With Game of Thrones set to come to an end within the next few years (not counting the possible prequels), HBO is likely in the market for their next big blockbuster series, and a deep dive into the world of "Watchmen" would certainly be that. There's the potential for something fantastic here, but it remains to be seen whether HBO will unleash the squid and make it happen.

First off, are you up for a Watchmen TV series on HBO? And secondly, is Damon Lindelof the man to make it happen?

Source: Variety



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