Dan Aykroyd says Ghostbusters 3 will start filming next year. Should we believe him?


You'd think that since I'm still pretty new at JoBlo that writing an update on GHOSTBUSTERS 3 wouldn't be that annoying since I haven't had to type up dozens of articles any time Dan Aykroyd, Ivan Reitman or Harold Ramis even mentions the word "ghost" in sentence but it is. If the film happens of course I'll go see it but until there's news along the lines of, "Here's a picture of us filming it RIGHT NOW and here's the money we need so we are financial set to make this movie!" I refuse to get my hopes up or believe someone when they say that GHOSTBUSTERS 3 is going to start production soon.

The "someone" this time is Dan Aykroyd and he's as optimistic as ever that GHOSTBUSTERS 3 is really, truly going to happen. Last time we heard from Aykroyd he said they were in a good place with the script and were even looking into making a fourth film if the third one is a success. The actor talked to ABC News and apparently that screenplay has been overhauled and he feels "reinvigorated" by the new one. Aykroyd also gave an update on where they are with the new script and when filming should start:

I know that we’re expecting half of the screenplay to be completed very soon. It should be into production by the fall and be shooting by the New Year.

Dan Aykroyd of course won't spill too much of the plot for GHOSTBUSTERS 3 but did say:

It’s very exciting. The Higgs Boson and the particle theories, gluons and mesons, that really gives us a scientific base in terms of our fictional storytelling, to open up to another dimension and have something horrible coming through.

A GHOSTBUSTERS 3 article wouldn't be complete without an update on Bill Murray's involvement with the film and Dan Aykroyd is still hopeful that Murray will return.

It will be wonderful, if he decides to do it. There will always be a hole for him.

So there's your latest GHOSTBUSTERS 3 update. I'm sure in a couple of months we'll have news that it'll start filming by February of next year. Then it'll be summer 2014. Then I'll die of old age and haunt the shit out of each and every one of them. EVENT HORIZON style.

Extra Tidbit: GHOSTBUSTERS 3 to me has become the film version of Duke Nukem Forever. Hopefully the film (IF it gets made) turns out better than the long delayed video game.



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