Okoye takes down the bad guys in Black Panther clip

BLACK PANTHER fever is in the air, and the only prescription is more BLACK PANTHER. Don’t worry, the internet will get you sorted with all the new interviews coming out and the reactions after the premiere, and even one or two clips from the movie. A brand new piece of footage has arrived, and yes, it is amazing. The clip debuted on JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE! last night before actress Danai Gurira (who plays Okoye) graced the stage. In the footage, her character shows off some Wakandan tech – including some adhesive boots and a vibranium spear – in the most epic of ways. Take a look and be sure to watch the interview after!

This is the second clip to debut this week, with the first being an exciting casino fight scene. The scene in this new clip seems to take place soon after the casino fight given how the characters are dressed, which means the casino brawl is followed by an epic street chase, which we’ve seen in the trailers before. So far I'm loving everything I've seen for the movie, and am digging how Coogler incorporates the female characters into action along with T'Challa (Chadwick Boseman). Already I get the sense this will be unlike anything we've seen before in the Marvel universe or comic book movies in general.

Catch BLACK PANTHER in theaters February 16.



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