Danger awaits in new Lost in Space trailer

Netflix has been branching out into more bold territory recently by putting out more and more expensive-looking projects. Recent ones have been the movies BRIGHT and MUTE, and now on the series front, they have LOST IN SPACE, a reboot of the classic sci-fi show. The new trailer for the show highlights all the new special effects, exciting action and intense drama they just couldn’t pack into the original version. Who knows if this new LOST IN SPACE will be able to find its audience, but one thing we do know is that the danger is very real, and Will Robinson better listen to his new alien pal.

From a visual standpoint, the show looks pretty stellar and establishes Netflix as a service that can really show out and provide the thrills. At its core LOST IN SPACE is an adventure show, and at least based on the trailer, they've delivered on that. We will have to wait for the release to see if the show can hit all the other bases that make for great TV, but at least we know it will be pretty to look at.

LOST IN SPACE hits Netflix April 13.

Source: Netflix



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