Daniel Craig to star in Rian Johnson-directed Knives Out murder mystery film

Lace up your cleats, and dig your heels in, because it looks as if we're headed for a good ol' fashioned bidding war, my friends. During this week’s Toronto International Film Festival, both U.S. and foreign studios will be waving their paddles for the rights to KNIVES OUT, a newly-announced murder mystery directed by STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI helmer Rian Johnson. If you're wondering as to why Johnson's upcoming project is such a hot ticket, it may have a little something to do with the fact that Daniel Craig (SKYFALL, LOGAN LUCKY) has signed on to star as the film's lead detective. Oh, and the fact that STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI banked $1.3 billion at the worldwide box office. I'm sure that helped, too.

Deadline reports that Craig has carved out some time in his schedule to star in KNIVES OUT, while the production of BOND 25 - which had recently lost its director in Danny Boyle - regroups. Johnson himself wrote the script for KNIVES OUT, which he will also produce with partner Ram Bergman. The murder mystery is said to be a "stop-off" project for Johnson, who will be diving deep into his planned Star Wars trilogy shortly thereafter. Little is known about the KNIVES OUT project thus far, other than it will be framed as a contemporary Agatha Christie-style mystery with a whodunit plot. According to Deadline, CAA Media Finance will represent the film’s North American distribution rights, and FilmNation will handle international rights, with CAA and FilmNation co-repping China.

Johnson, who claims to have been an Agatha Christie fan since his teens, says that he's been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to deliver his own Poirot-style tale of murder and deception. The hot button director has also stated that he's a major fan of Daniel Craig, and that while the BOND 25 shakeup is unfortunate, he is grateful that it's made the actor available for the part.

“I have been a huge fan and always wanted to work with him and as I worked on the script, trying to get it right, Ram and I were wringing our hands over who could be the detective,” Johnson said. “Then, serendipitously, we heard Daniel might have a small window, and it worked out. He’s an actor of extraordinary range, and we are looking forward to the fun of finding that modern detective, and collaborating with Daniel on creating a new Poirot.”

Do you think Johnson has what it takes to present a worth while murder mystery? Are you looking forward to his STAR WARS trilogy after his Last Jedi was met with a wealth of differing opinions? Let us know in the comments section below.



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