Daniel Radcliffe and Zachary Quinto will star in hacker-cartel picture

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Daniel Radcliffe has been staying busy, delivering some serious drama with pictures like IMPERIUM, as well as more humorous roles in SWISS ARMY MAN and NOW YOU SEE ME 2. For now, it looks like he's sticking with drama as he'll be joining Zachary Quinto in WE DO NOT FORGET.

The movie will be a fictionalized account of the actual back and forth between the hacker organization Anonymous and Los Zetas, a Mexican drug cartel. Anonymous uncovered more than 20,000 Mexican government emails that had the names and dealings of Los Zetas. In retaliation, Zetas hired folks to track down Anonymous members with a promise of death. Sounds like it could make a hell of a thriller! The film will be written by Zach Helm (JUMANJI, STRANGER THAN FICTION) and produced by Antoine Fuqua (MAGNIFICENT SEVEN).

Daniel Radcliffe has really gone a long way to prove himself as an actor beyond the HARRY POTTER flicks. SWISS ARMY MAN is one of the year's best, showing that Radcliffe has a firm grasp on comedic timing, as well as delivering drama. Zachary Quinto, on the other hand, has been mostly Spock-ing as of late. I'm looking forward to seeing what he can do outside of TREK, and how these two play off of each other.

WE DO NOT FORGET is expected to film later this year.

Source: Deadline



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