Daniel Radcliffe continues to distance himself from Hogwarts by starring in the romantic comedy, The F Word

On the heels of the news that Daniel Radcliffe would be starring in the dark horror thriller HORNS for Alexandre Aja comes the news that the former Harry Potter will be stretching himself to another new genre: romantic comedy.

Daniel Radcliffe will be starring in THE F WORD for director Michael Dowse (GOON). Zoe Kazan (RUBY SPARKS) will play his love interest. THE F WORD is about a guy who challenges himself to have a successful platonic relationship with a girl he likes, and who is also in another relationship. That is fairly vague, but you can assume that the f word of the title is "friend".

I like Daniel Radcliffe a lot and the guy is completely capable of comedy. His turns on both Ricky Gervais' EXTRAS and his hosting gigs on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE show the guy is willing to mock himself. Cast him in a movie musical and he will officially become the Hollywood jack of all trades.

What do you think of Daniel Radcliffe's radically varied new projects?

Source: Variety



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