Daniel Radcliffe further breaks his Potter image with this transformed first photo from Horns

Horns book cover title

*insert variation on the "Daniel Radcliffe is horny" joke here* Heh... insert...

HORNS is a great book. A powerful, shocking, heartbreaking, exciting, terrifying, beautiful book.  Penned by Joe Hill (son of Mr. Stephen King), it's easily one of the most well-crafted original pieces of fiction I've ever had the pleasure and good fortune to read.  It is at turns a tale of lust and despair, of evil and hope, and of terror and comedy blacker than pitch.  Will director Alexandre Aja and star Daniel Radcliffe be able to do the book justice? Will they be able to transcend that quality and do their own thing on top of it? It's hard to say, and that's okay. 

For now all we have is this photo, the first released from the production.  And, like the book, it's f***ing fantastic.  The colors and the subtle emotions they evoke, Radcliffe's haunted stare, and the horns.  I always imagined them being smaller, plainer, and sharper, but I'm very down with these as well.  I'd even go so far as to say that I iimmediately have 200% more confidence in this flick right now. 

But what do you think? Will my faith be rewarded? Does the photo do it for you?

Horns first photo

Plot recap: HORNS is about a decent enough young man named Ignatius Perrish, a guy who has always tried to do the right thing, only to see his whole life abruptly torn away from him. His girlfriend, the person he loves more than anyone in the world, is killed, and although he’s never charged with the murder, everyone, including his family and friends, believe Ig is responsible. Then one night Ig goes out drunk to rage and curse God, and when he wakes, he discovers he’s grown a pair of horns, and that people have a sudden compulsion to confess their darkest secrets and ugliest impulses to him. It isn’t long before Ig turns his terrible new powers to finding the man who killed his beloved, and taking his revenge.  HORNS also stars Juno Temple (THE DARK KNIGHT RISES), Max Minghella (THE SOCIAL NETWORK), Joe Anderson (THE GREY), James Remar, (PINEAPPLE EXPRESS), and Kelli Garner (LARS AND THE REAL GIRL).

Extra Tidbit: I admired Radcliffe's efforts in it, but THE WOMAN IN BLACK was not at all what I hoped it would (or could) be. The scares worked for me (mostly), as did the bleached gothic aesthetic, but that story... oh lord, that story...



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