Daniel Radcliffe is an undercover white supremacist in new Imperium poster

Imperium Daniel Radcliffe

That Daniel Radcliffe has been quite the busy fellow in his post-Harry Potter career, and one of his upcoming projects will see Radcliffe taking on a role quite different from the boy wizard, an FBI agent who goes undercover in order to infiltrate a group of white supremacists who are building a dirty bomb. IMPERIUM is inspired by the true story of Michael German, an ex-FBI agent who spent years infiltrating the neo-Nazi movement. Daniel Radcliffe plays Nate Foster in the Daniel Ragussis directed film and Entertainment Weekly debuted a new poster which gives us a nice look at the rather stern looking agent.

Daniel Ragussis learned a lot from Michael German, primarily that actual undercover agents are "master manipulators — able to win confidences, control situations, and out-think the enemy, even when mortal danger is staring them in the face." Toni Collette also stars in IMPERIUM as Angela Zamparo, Foster's case agent and supervisor who has spent years focusing on white supremacist terrorism and is "really the only person out there that’s focused on keeping Nate alive.” Ragussis made every effort to make sure that both the undercover experience and the white supremacist group themselves were authentic, and his research unfortunately made him realize that the subject of white supremacism is more relevant and timely than he'd first assumed.

We’re witnessing a surge in far-right groups all across Europe; in some cases they’re nearly winning national elections. We have a stereotype of what it means to be a white supremacist, but when I began collaborating with Michael and doing my own research, I was stunned by the depth and the extent of this movement.

IMPERIUM is set for a August 19, 2016 release in select theaters and on demand.

Source: EW



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