Daniel Radcliffe makes people do bad things in the full trailer for Horns

After an international teaser and a low resolution look at the trailer, we now have a high res copy of the first look at Alexandre Aja's HORNS starring Daniel Radcliffe. Based on the novel by Joe Hill, HORNS tells the story of a young man accused of his girlfriend's murder only to find that he has sprouted mysterious horns. Anyone who comes into contact with him must do as he says and that includes violent and deviant acts.

The novel is a great read, full of dark humor and a twisty narrative and the movie looks to replicate that perfectly. Daniel Radcliffe is absolutely avoiding being typecast as Harry Potter with great and unique turns in a number of films. This looks to be no exception as Radcliffe may be playing the darkest and most adult role of his career to date.

If there is anything off about this HORNS trailer it is the mixed signals it sends genre-wise. There are moments of complete levity when Heather Graham loses her shit or he makes the reporters get into a brawl, but little explanation as to how or why he is able to do it. Readers of the book will understand, but the trailer doesn't really make it clear. In either case, I hope this movie gets the exposure it deserves as it looks like a hell of a unique ride.

HORNS hits theaters on October 31, 2014.

Source: Trailer Addict



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