Daniel Radcliffe puts everything on the line in Beast Of Burden trailer

After trading his Firebolt racing broom for a ramshackle prop plane, Daniel Radcliffe is preparing to take to the skies in BEAST BURDEN, a new crime drama from director Jesper Ganslandt.

For the film, pilot Sean Haggerty (Daniel Radcliffe) must deliver cocaine across the US-Mexico border for his final run as a drug smuggler. Alone in a small plane, he is faced with the burden of choosing between his allegiance to the Cartel, his deal with the Drug Enforcement Administration, and saving his increasingly tense relationship with his wife, eagerly awaiting his return.

Outside of Ganslandt's upcoming drug runner drama, you can look forward to catching Radcliffe when he stars in the recently announced Francis Annan-directed ESCAPE FROM PRETORIA, in which two white South Africans, imprisoned for working on behalf of the ANC, determine to escape from the notorious white man's 'Robben Island', Pretoria Prison. 

BEAST OF BURDEN will play in select theaters and On Demand / Digital HD beginning on February 23, 2018

Source: Joblo



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