Daniel Radcliffe is set to infiltrate white supermacists in Imperium


Given that it's Harry Potter's birthday and whatnot, no better time to announce some Daniel Radcliffe news than today! The wizard is hanging up his robe to join the FBI in IMPERIUM. The story will follow that of a young FBI agent who goes undercover to find and stop white supremacists who are trying to build a bomb. The story itself is based on the real life experiences of FBI agent Michael German, who spent years undercover in neo-Nazi and militia groups. Talk about having some serious balls! This movie will mark the feature-film debut of Daniel Ragussis, who has directed shorts up until this point. The screenplay will be written by Ragussis and German, so you know we're getting the real deal. Imperio!

Daniel Radcliffe turned out to be the perfect Harry Potter, but time will tell if he'll be known for anything else. The man has been staying busy ever since stint in Hogwarts, so we can't fault him for that! Later this year he will share the screen with James McAvoy in VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN, and then we may see him show off some fake magic in NOW YOU SEE ME: THE SECOND ACT in 2016. Radcliffe certainly has the charisma, so I hope he stumbles onto some movies that will be held as near and dear as the Potter flicks.

Daneil Radcliffe completely made this movie.

Source: Deadline



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