Daniel Radcliffe to trade his wand for a gun in Guns Akimbo

In the six years since his HARRY POTTER days concluded, Daniel Radcliffe has spent much of his time perusing lower-key roles to strengthen his acting chops, like SWISS ARMY MAN and IMPERIUM. But now it seems he’s ready get back into hero mode, taking on a role in a new “balls-to-the-wall” action movie, GUNS AKIMBO.

It was announced at Cannes that the actor would take on the lead role in the action film from up-and-coming writer/director Jason Lei Howden. Hailing from New Zealand, the filmmaker worked as a visual artist for Weta Digital, working on movies like THE AVENGERS, PROMETHEUS and THE HOBBIT movies, making his directorial debut with DEATHGASM in 2015.

The selling point of the film is in the billing, with the film being described as, “adrenaline fueled balls-to-the-wall original action comedy reminiscent in tone to films such as KICK-ASS or DEADPOOL." Looks like Potter is going to get his slicing and dicing on. Better work on dropping those f-bombs, too.

Following a man living an ordinary life (Radcliffe), the movie escalates when he finds himself competing in a city-wide, fight-to-the-death competition against strangers, their battles broadcast for the whole world to see.

Occupant Entertainment will produce the feature, and the company’s Joe Neurauter had some kind words about Howden saying he’s, “an incredibly talented new filmmaker, who with Guns Akimbo delivers a commercial action film that is original, fresh and gives us unique and exciting characters.”

Will Clarke and Andy Mayson of Altitude Films will executive produce along with Michael Mailis from Hyperion Entertianment, and Mayson kept the love spreading for Howden:

We fell in love with Guns Akimbo the moment we read it. Jason is one of the most exciting, original and commercially-minded new directors working today and with the pitch perfect casting of Daniel Radcliffe as our hero, Guns Akimbo is going to deliver a fresh, next-level action experience destined to thrill audiences worldwide.

I’m not sure how big this movie is intended to be, but wherever it’s playing I shall seek it out. It’s Radcliffe going through mindless action in the style of DEADPOOL and KICK-ASS! What’s not instantly exciting about that? The man has been impressing me with his latest roles, which have required him to go above-and-beyond dramatically. This will give him a chance to broaden his talents while having some fun, so I say he's earned it. He’ll have to trade out that wand for a gun, but it’s all the same: point and shoot.

Source: CannesTHR



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