Danny Boyle to direct the same WWII miniseries that Michael Bay wants to bring to the big screen

In a funny chain of events, Danny Boyle is set to direct the very same WII thriller that Michael Bay just expressed an interest in directing.

However, Bay's dreams have not been trampled. Boyle is bringing the story to the small screen for FX. The director is teaming with his SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE and 127 HOURS writer-producer, Simon Beaufoy and Christian Colson.

In case you didn't read the Bay article, the true story is centered on, "British-trained Norwegian resistance fighters who sabotaged Hitler’s nuclear development program during World War II."

Boyle said this of the mini-series titled TELEMARK, "This is one of the world’s greatest stories and we want to tell it on an epic scale."

The mini-series written by Beaufoy will take place in 10-parts. As happy as I am that Bay is doing stuff other than robots and boobies (though PAIN & GAIN had boobies and I liked that), I gotta admit this Boyle series sounds more appealing.

Source: Deadline



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