Danny Boyle to take on the Pink Panthers jewel thieves with Smash and Grab

TRANCE wasn't your typical heist movie, but apparently Danny Boyle enjoyed working in the genre so much he has to do another. Variety is reporting Boyle is set to direct a feature film version of the documentary SMASH AND GRAB: THE STORY OF THE PINK PANTHERS. Danny Boyle has been looking for a new project, and after watching the documentary he became interested in adapting it into a movie.

SMASH AND GRAB was just recently released in the UK, and it is a documentary about the Pink Panther jewel thief network. The group is known for their daring heists and some have called their glamorous crimes "artistic". Several law enforcement agencies believe that the group is responsible for over $500 million in robberies in Dubai, Switzerland, Japan, France, Germany and Spain. One of their first big crimes (and why Interpol calls them Pink Panthers) was the theft of a $500,000 diamond in London, which they hid in a jar containing face cream.

The documentary has received excellent reviews, and is a mix of closed-circuit television footage and interviews with crime experts, as well as anonymous interviews with people who claim to be members of the notorious group. Because it's Danny Boyle directing, I wouldn't be surprised if he did something similar with his film instead of just doing a traditional heist movie.

SMASH AND GRAB could be Danny Boyle's next film, however he did previously say he was looking at directing a couple of period pieces. A new Danny Boyle movie is always a good thing regardless of the subject matter or genre, and if SMASH AND GRAB is Boyle's next project we could have more news on it very soon.

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Source: Variety



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