Michael Fassbender out of Danny Boyle's Trance, director wants Colin Firth and Scarlett Johansson

A couple of weeks ago, it was being reported that James McAvoy would be replacing Michael Fassbender in Danny Boyle's upcoming heist thriller called TRANCE. That was only partially true. While McAvoy has been cast in the film, it's in a different role than that of Fassbender's. However, according to Twitch, Fassbender is indeed out due to scheduling issues, and now Boyle has reportedly turned his gaze onto Colin Firth and Scarlett Johansson.

While no formal offers are on the table yet, it's said that Firth would assume Fassbender's former role of 'Aidan', while Johansson is being looked at for the part of 'Elizabeth'. The film focuses on "an assistant at an auction house who masterminds an art heist and teams up with a gang of thieves, but suffers a blow to the head and wakes up with amnesia. He is the only one who knows where the painting's location is and after his continued failure to remember, the gang begins to suspect duplicity on his part and hire a female hypnotist to get into his brain."

Firth will next be seen in the incredible-looking TINKER, TAILOR, SOLIDER, SPY while Johansson is currently Black Widow-ing it up on the set of THE AVENGERS.
Extra Tidbit: Firth and Johansson starred together in 2003's GIRL WITH A PEARL EARRING.
Source: Twitch



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