Danny Devito sees a Twins 2 in our future

Danny DeVito is insane--in a good way. What's also amazing about him is that he never stopped being funny. I mean, are you watching IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA? That show is the tits.

During a completely crazy stop at the press carpet for Comic-Con, Movieweb got DeVito's attention. After throwing down some hilarious musings, TWINS 2 gets brought into the equation.

At first I thought he might be joking, but he's not. This is how it starts off, "Yes, there's a TWINS 2 in there if we can get Arnold out of the doghouse. Can't get him out of the doghouse...he is the doghouse...oh my god. I would love to do a TWINS 2.

Then he gets serious, "The idea is that you've got to find the right script. You can't just go out and be a couple of meathooks in front of the camera. You've gotta find the story. Ya know, Ivan's [Reitman] off doing who the hell knows what and I'll work with Arnold. Somebody get us a script."

It's a great watch. You should check it out for yourself.

Extra Tidbit: Kaitlin Olson who plays Sweet Dee on IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY said that she has seen DeVito's butthole. Oh wow. Not surprised.
Source: MovieWeb



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