Danny Glover, David Cross & Patton Oswalt join Sorry to Bother You drama

Three new actors have joined the cast of Boots Riley's directorial debut for SORRY TO BOTHER YOU. The upcoming drama that is currently shooting in Oakland has landed stars Danny Glover, David Cross, and Patton Oswalt to help tell the tale of an introverted black telemarketer who discovers a magical key to business success. Upon his revelation, the telemarketer is then propelled to the upper echelons of the hierarchy just as his activist brothers-in-arms are rising up against a myriad of crippling business practices. With the information he's gained, the telemarketer is then forced to either make a bold move against his corporate overlords or join them by becoming a tried-and-true crooked vulture of the corporate world.

Nina Yang Bongiovi (FRUITVALE STATION, DOPE) and Forest Whitaker of Significant Productions are producing along with 6 Years‘ Jonathan Duffy and Kelly Williams, Charles D. King, and George Rush.

So, I have been having this re-occurring dream for years in which I'm a corporate nobody who then finds a way to take the company down from the inside. This scenario has been dancing around in my head for quite sometime, and I feel as if this film is calling to me in some weird way. It's not like I'm about to pick the bones of JoBlo or anything, but in a perfect world, I'd destabilize an institution or two just to watch them burn. Mwuahaha! 

Extra Tidbit: I once saw David Cross perform stand up at Maxwells, a legendary restaurant and music venue in New Jersey.



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