Danny McBride wants to make a movie about a real-life hick heist

Comic/stoner Danny McBride seems to be showing up in more and more movies (and more "Eastbound & Down"), but what he really wants to do is... write?

"Honestly, at the end of the day, I fuckin' love writing the most, out of all of it," the YOUR HIGHNESS co-star tells GQ. "Whatever goes on, I know I can come back to my fuckin' desk and put down some jokes and write something, and that honestly keeps me so content that if I never were to get another acting job again, I wouldn't be heartbroken."

McBride is working on a heist movie with collaborator Jody Hill, based on an actual event in 1997. "These rednecks robbed Loomis Fargo for over $17 million," McBride says. "And they would have gotten away with it, except they stayed in the town they were living in. They literally moved from trailers into the richest neighborhoods in town, lived like kings, bought their wives tit jobs. Jody wants to make it like a southern Godfather."

Suitably, McBride would bring his moderate mullet to the screen again for that project, along with an upcoming comedy with Aziz Ansari (and probably anything David Gordon Green might make), but he's also busy working behind the scenes on a possible TV show about bare-knuckle boxing and an HBO hitman project.

Extra Tidbit: Pass up more possible opportunities to grope Natalie Portman (and others)? Are you high, Danny?
Source: GQ



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