Daredevil meets Jessica Jones in the latest Defenders set-pictures

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A month ago we got the chance to see the first set-pictures from Marvel's The Defenders, featuring Jessica Jones and Misty Knight hamming it up. Krysten Ritter is back and this time she's bringing along her friend Charlie Cox, who of course portrays Daredevil! Check out the pics courtesy of ComingSoon.net and keep your eyes peeled for a not-so-subtle easter egg!

Defenders Charlie Cox Defenders Charlie Cox Krysten Ritter Defenders Krysten Ritter Charlie Cox Defenders Stan Lee Krysten Ritter

I can only imagine the amount of fun these guys have while filming these shows and would love to see a more in-depth documentary on what goes into creating a Marvel TV show. Specifically, The Defenders. So far each stand-alone show has received its due praise, and while I'm sure Iron Fist will do just as well, it matters not as The Defenders is full-steam ahead! With filming still going down, it's hard to believe that we'll get this next year but that's the plan! Now if only Stan Lee could get his own spinoff...

The Defenders will hit Netflix sometime in 2017.

Source: Coming Soon



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