Daredevil's red costume revealed in new motion poster for the Netflix series

SPOILERS! If you don't want to see the red costume just yet, exit post haste!

By midnight you can start streaming Netflix's Daredevil series and for those that don't have the patience to see if he ever dons the trademark red costume I'm sure some skipping around will be in order. However, Netflix has let the cat out of the bag to satiate that desire today, revealing star Charlie Cox in the red get up in a new motion poster for the series. That ought to be enough to keep you on course with your binge watch and put your mind at ease if that was a major dealbreaker. If you still want to remain in the clear, though, I'd recommend NOT watching the below.

Check it out:

I guess the only issue I have is not seeing the "DD" on his chest, but otherwise this is looking solid and much better than a red leather biker suit. Having seen the first five episodes of this series and having read the Daredevil comics for more than two decades, I can say that this is an outstanding adaptation of the source material and, in my opinion, the most compelling comic book show out there. I know fans of Arrow and The Flash will smack me down for that (and hey, they ARE great shows, don't get me wrong), but Daredevil has a much more grounded and mature approach, which is a welcome respite from the flashier shows on network TV. I think many of you will agree once you get to soak your eyeballs in it. I'm stoked as hell to pick up where I left off and look forward to everyone's reaction to it, especially those DD fans who are looking to erase the 2003 film from their memory.

All 13 episodes of Daredevil debut Friday, April 10th on Netflix.

What do YOU think of DD's new red threads?

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