Dark Knight Rises filming info reveals probable plot point

Those wary of any potential spoilers regarding THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, abandon all hope ye who enter here. Well not really, as this isn't anything TOO major, but if you want to be completely in the dark, perhaps stop reading now.



Well Carnegie Melon has posted some info about Batman filming at their Software Engineering Institute, and it reveals something about what Bane will probably be up to in the film.

"Scenes outside the SEI, which will be portrayed as a prison, will include an explosion, a prison break, precision stunt driving, gunfire, atmospheric smoke, and controlled pyrotechnic explosions.

Scenes outside the Fifth Ave. entrance of Mellon Institute include a standoff between two rivals that escalates into a riot. One character drives a motorcycle through the fourth floor lobby, out the front doors and down the steps onto Fifth Ave. Special effects include precision stunt driving, gunfire and atmospheric smoke."

This is in line with one of Bane's plans from comic lore, where he released Gotham's criminals to test Batman. But didn't we kind of do that in the first film? The second thing to note is the "standoff between two rivals." Presumably that could be Batman, but it could be more likely it's villains going at it during the riot. Bane and...who? Speculate away. 

Extra Tidbit: Hope those rumors of a forthcoming teaser trailer turn out to be true.
Source: ComingSoon



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