Darker side of Supes

Seems like the talk of a darker SUPERMAN is just not going away.

I'm not a huge "Superman" reader, as you guys already know I'm more of a Bats girl, but aside from that Superman and dark just doesn't sound right with me. But the more and more news that comes out surrounding the next potential film, the more conversation there is of wanting a darker version.

James McTeigue, who directed V FOR VENDETTA as well as the upcoming NINJA ASSASSIN is in serious talk to direct the next film, as well as Magneto Origins. I enjoy what McTeigue has done so far, so maybe he has some interesting vision. He told MTV that he was looking to go darker, "Make it something that appeals to audiences now a little more."

Just my opinion but, Superman to me is good for a reason, just like Batman is meant to be dark. Superman is the voice of morals and goodness in the superhero world. He's the guy you count on to always do the right thing no matter what. I just like that, and I might sound like a baby but it just wouldn't be right to mess that up. A conflicted Superman is okay, but what is this fascination with trying to give a "Dark Knight" approach to the iconic character? Does the world really need a darker Superman right now?

Check out McTeigue's had to say on the subject:

Extra Tidbit: What would you do with Superman in the next film? Is it okay to go dark, or should he stay on the good side?
Source: MTV



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