Darren Aronofsky being sought out for Maleficent and Moses

Ever since Darren Aronofsky left THE WOLVERINE, he's been rumored to be up for a million different projects. I was led to believe that HUMAN NATURE starring George Clooney would be Aronofsky's next, but there's been no confirmation on it.

Since it looks like his directing window is wide open, Disney and Warner Bros. are after Aronofsky to helm some of their projects.

First up is MALEFICENT for Disney. Now that Tim Burton is off the project, the studio needs someone else for the job. The live action film has Angelina Jolie attached to star as the villain. On the other hand, Warner Bros. wants Aronofsky for MOSES. Currently there are two MOSES films trying to get off the ground. Dan Lin (SHERLOCK HOLMES) is producing on this one. Fox is the other studio working the MOSES angle, but there are no details on that.

Which one should he go with? Either would be interesting. The ball is in Aronofsky's court. He could take one or the other...or ditch them both.

Extra Tidbit: I really wouldn't mind him taking a break to write something of his own.
Source: Badass Digest



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