Dave goes Hollywood!

Dave Davis & Arrow Our very own Dave Davis (that sexy bastard you see mugging for the camera next to our man Arrow in the picture to the right) has up and gone Hollywood on us. He's poured his longtime love for all things zombie into a script titled CONDITION DEAD and it's paid off big time as it's recently been picked up by Tyrese Gibson and his HQ Pictures. Centering on a group of elite zombie hunters ambushed by a savage new breed of undead bloodsuckers, the film is an ensemble piece that's being described as "a no-holds barred zombie film in the vein of James Cameron's ALIENS". Patrick Lussier, Wes Craven's long time editor and an accomplished director in his own right, who most recently directed WHITE NOISE: THE LIGHT, will direct with BETWEEN THE SAND producer Clint Morris and THE SEED producer Rock Shaink co-producing with Gibson. Dave's got all kinds of talent with the written word and coupled with his encyclopedic knowledge of film (zombie films in particular), there's no doubt his zombie opus will kick some major ass. So, schmoes, let's all have a celebratory beer in Dave's name. Kudos, dude. You da man!

Extra Tidbit: Holy shit, there's already an official site for this bad boy. Check it out HERE.
Source: JoBlo.com



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