David Ayer's Sabotage with Arnold Schwarzenegger hits Blu-ray/DVD this July

Arnold fans who missed the Austrian Oak's latest big-screen effort SABOTAGE will get their chance this July when the film hits Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital download. Although not a smash at the box office, the film had Arnold and his cohorts go through a blood-soaked, R-rated actioner that deserved a better audience. Although our review for it was middle of the road, I personally found it to be the best film in Arnold's resurgence that also had some great performances from his co-stars as well, including Joe Manganiello, Mirielle Enos, Sam Worthington and Olivia Williams.

Director David Ayer delivers his usual blend of hardcore action with gritty, grizzled, and oftentimes ugly characters that make for a much darker film that you might expect, which fits Arnold well, who exudes an Eastwood-like statue throughout. This is a cool flick and one I think folks will have fun discovering on video and could easily find cult status as the years go by.

Here's the synopsis:

Arnold Schwarzenegger stars in the pulse-pounding action film Sabotage, from the director of End of Watch and the writer of Training Day. When DEA task force leader Breacher Wharton (Schwarzenegger) storms a heavily armed cartel safe house, rogue members of his team use it as a cover to steal $10 million in cash. But just when they think their secret is safe, agents are killed off one-by-one, and everyone is a suspect, including the squad itself.

Here's the disc details:

The Blu-ray™ Combo Pack includes a Blu-ray™, DVD and Digital HD with UltraViolet™.
Bonus Features (Blu-Ray and DVD):
·       Making Sabotage – a behind-the-scenes look at the production.
·       Alternate Endings
·       Deleted Scenes

SABOTAGE hits Digital HD on July 8, 2014 with the Blu-Ray/DVD hitting shelves on July 22, 2014. PREORDER HERE!

Extra Tidbit: For those that missed this in theaters, did you do so with the intent of catching it on video or lack of interest?



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