David Fincher is eyeing Brad Pitt for a role in 20,000 Leagues

David Fincher is looking at long-time pal and collaborator, Brad Pitt for his next film.

That's if Disney decides they want to move forward with 20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA...

The studio put a three month hold on the project so they can decide if it's something they want to greenlight. We've been hearing about it for awhile now, but there's been nothing other than major stalls. Andrew Kevin Walker (SEVEN) was hired to rewrite the script in 2011.

The shift of discussion has now turned to casting. Fincher wants Pitt for the role of Ned Land for the film, if it gets off the ground. Pitt's reps said that he isn't committed to anything right now, and is still looking into roles to take in 2013. They didn't say no to the rumor though.

Here is a synopsis for Jules Verne's 1870s novel:"Sent to investigate mysterious encounters that are disrupting international shipping, Professor Aronnax, his servant Conseil, and disgruntled harpooner Ned Land are captured when their frigate is sunk during an encounter with the "monster." The submarine Nautilus and its eccentric Captain Nemo afford the professor and his companions endless fascination and danger as they're swept along on a yearlong undersea voyage."

Is Pitt a good cast for Land?

Source: Variety



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