David Goyer gives details on a couple of deleted scenes from Man of Steel

Who is going to see MAN OF STEEL this weekend or tonight at midnight? It's already breaking records internationally. Will it do better than IRON MAN 3? Will the story be better? It's probably not fair to pit the two against one another since MAN OF STEEL is the start of a new franchise and IRON MAN 3 is (possibly) the end of one.

Why am I just making idle chit chat? Because for those of you reading the preview on the front page, I'd hate to spoil anything with these details on unused scenes for MAN OF STEEL.

When Bleeding Cool caught up with screenwriter David Goyer, they asked about ideas that were not used in the final product. Goyer discussed two scenes: one that was filmed and one that was written out of the script:

"There was a little scene in which Jonathan and Martha take a baby Kal to a paediatrician because he’s starting to experience these changes. They do a hearing test on him where they’re dialling up these sounds and baby Kal screams and it blows out all the windows."

"It was a funny scene but after the armageddon on Krypton – originally we went from that to baby Kal to the fishing trawler – it just felt weird. We didn’t need it. Tonally it felt off."

"Believe it or not there was another action scene – we didn’t film it. After Zod first announces himself [the Krpytonians] provide a demonstration of their might. They drop Faora into Shanghai and Namek, who is the big eight foot tall guy who doesn’t speak, they drop him another foreign city."

"It was another five pages of crazy Kryptonian destruction. We didn’t need it. We knew that, my god, there’s already a lot of action."

These are legit reasons to cut both of the scenes. I'm sure the movie already has tons of action, and baby Clark probably would fit better in a SMALLVILLE episode.

Extra Tidbit: Namek? Let the Goku vs. Superman debate commence!
Source: Bleeding Cool



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