David Goyer will rewrite the draft for Gareth Edwards Godzilla film

I completely forgot that they were doing another GODZILLA film. I figure this is something that would stay fairly fresh in my mind due to the fact that Gareth Edwards (MONSTERS) is the one helming it.

I was reminded that this was still in the works because of the latest news that David Goyer (BATMAN BEGINS) was hired to rewrite the script. Legendary Pictures wants a new screenplay derived from the one originally penned by David Callaham (THE EXPENDABLES).

What's Goyer's angle on this one? Apparently to give the most authentic approach to the story and its characters. So maybe it won't be like Roland Emmerich's GODZILLA--embarrassing. Sorry it was embarrassing. Ferris Bueller deserved better. I don't know your specific thoughts on Goyer as a writer. I like most of what he's done thus far.

If Edwards wasn't on this project, I really wouldn't care to be honest. I do hope that they can pull off some sort of realism aspect. Edwards should be a big help in that aspect.

Source: Deadline



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