David is Barricade

I know most of you remember Keith David for his epic street fight with Roddy Piper in THEY LIVE, but to me he’ll always be Little John, the man who in REQUIEM FOR A DREAM, opened the door to Jennifer Connelly’s heroin-starved soul, flashed her his pearly whites, and then got her to do some seriously nasty (amazing) stuff with another girl and a very long um, prosthetic. He’s one of the more memorable character actors working in Hollywood today, and also no stranger to voice work.

He’s been rumoured on AICN as the voice of the Decepticon police cruiser Barricade in this summer’s TRANSFORMERS, and now comes confirmation from IGN that David will indeed be voicing Barricade. This coming off the heels of the Hugo Weaving/Megatron announcement a couple days ago bodes well for the film, as Mr. David is an accomplished actor with considerable experience in the vocal booth. So that’s two big Decepticon announcements this week, and none for the Autobots. If the actual war is anything like this, Earth is effed.

Extra Tidbit: Charlie Sheen credits Keith David with saving his life on the set of PLATOON. David pulled Sheen back in after he almost fell through the open door of a helicopter that banked too hard.
Source: IGN



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