David Koechner, Nicholas D'Agosto, P.J. Byrne, and Ellen Wroe are probably gonna die in Final Destination 5

That's not a spoiler now, is it?

THR's Heat Vision blog is reporting that actors David Koechner (ANCHORMAN), Nicholas D'Agosto (EXTREME MOVIE), P.J. Byrne (DINNER FOR SCHMUCKS) and Ellen Wroe ("Huge") are the latest to be victimized in FINAL DESTINATION 5, the latest entry in the death-porn franchise. Also confirmed to be returning to the series as "Mr. Bludworth" is genre fave Tony Todd (1990's NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD). They all join the already cast Miles Fisher (SUPERHERO MOVIE).

Per Heat Vision: "Each installment focuses on a group of people who survive a catastrophe but end up expiring in elaborate Rube Goldberg-like fashion. The new movie sees the new batch of victims, co-workers on a corporate retreat, escaping the collapse of a city's suspension bridge."

Koechner will play a "clueless executive"; D'Agosto, a guy who "doesn't make fast decisions in his own life"; Byrne, an "obnoxious kleptomaniac"; and Wroe, "the daughter of a company executive, a woman with gymnast training who is a little snobby and for whom everything is a contest." That's pretty specific!

FINAL DESTINATION 5 looks to start production on September 13th in Vancouver.
Extra Tidbit: I refuse to call this thing 5INAL DESTINATION. Refuse!



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