David Lynch releases some damn fine Twin Peaks-inspired beers!

Like a lot of people, I had mixed feelings about the third season of TWIN PEAKS. While there are things I loved and thought were great (the nightmarish imagery, the deadpan humor, returning to the characters), there were a lot of things I didn't (overreliance on Dougy, and an unsatisfying - if thematically resonant - ending). But, ultimately, I'm glad it exists. It offers a lot of closure, while still remaining open-ended. One thing's for sure though: when the series ended, I definitely needed a drink.

Luckily David Lynch has got me covered! Lynch worked with Danish microbrewery Mikkeller to make three TWIN PEAKS-inspired beers: "Log Lady Lager", "Damn Good Coffee Stout". and "Red Room Ale". Not only that, but Lynch "was heavily involved in all aspects of the process starting with the concepts, names and all the way through sensory analysis and tasting...[and] packaging". 

These beers will reportedly be ready in time for Lynch's Festival of Disruption, which "focuses on music, art, film and meditation. The festival will take place at the Theater Ace Hotel in LA. On the music front, names such as Bon Iver, Sharon Van Etten, Tv on the Radio, The Kills, Moby and Lynch himself are performing. In addition, there are special screenings of ‘Lost Highway’ and the documentary about Lynch ‘Don’t Look at Me.’ There will also be a number of talks which include the famous American cultural journalist Kristine Mckenna holding a panel with Lynch and the actor Bill Pullman." After that, it will unfortunately only be available at Mikkeller outposts in California.

Wonder if these will go well with pie?

Meanwhile you can see the new season of TWIN PEAKS now wherever you can stream Showtime!

Extra Tidbit: So what'd you Schmoes think of season 3? Sound off below!



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